financial services

Esperanza offers comprehensive financial solutions centered around access to capital for deserving entrepreneurs. Our microfinance services meet the needs of local communities through five core loan products. Combined with loan collateral and insurance programs, our initiatives are designed to empower and protect borrowers as they grow their businesses and prepare for the future.

financial services


Loan products are designed with the borrower in mind. Esperanza offers loans of varying amounts and repayment terms with the goal of bringing the unbanked into the formal financial sector. Five core loan products are provided, including community (group loans) individual, home improvement, school advancement, and church economic initiatives. Each loan contributes toward economic sustainability for individuals and communities.


Living in poverty increases vulnerability to disease, exploitation, natural disasters, and theft. Setting aside collateral toward loan repayment minimizes risk in these areas and helps entrepreneurs be prepared for emergencies which might return them to a cycle of poverty. Esperanza requires Associates to save 5% of the balance on their loan in a loan collateral account, ensuring borrowers are secure in the event of an unexpected emergency.


Basic medical coverage for our Associates ensures access to private clinics, emergency medical care, overnight stays and dental services. These affordable offerings allow borrowers to focus on growing their business and caring for their family with a healthy body and mind. Esperanza is the first MFI organization in the DR to offer micro health insurance.


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